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by Dishing Well with Elizabeth Tigani on June 25, 2012

Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t able to write last week because I started my internship (100 hours to complete my culinary training) in Martha’s Vineyard at Kitchen Porch with my friend Ana from Natural Gourmet. Since I need to squeeze my hours into about two weeks it’s been a lot of work but I am loving it! Here are a few photos from the kitchen

Fresh herbs picked at Kitchen Porch to use in a frittata (below)

One of my favorite things about Kitchen Porch is that it offers customized picnics for any size group – you call and order in advance, pick it up when you’re ready and take it to the beach! Above with frittata is a quinoa and fresh tomato and cucumber salad. Ingredients are local whenever possible.

One of our main jobs is to prep for the farmer’s market held in West Tisbury on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Above is hummus garnished with olive oil and Jan’s famous ras el hanout.

Salsa verde we made for the farmer’s market which is in full bloom, here are some photos courtesy of Ana!

Popover-making starts at 5:30 a.m. and they are always in high demand.

(Image via the

Ana holding the world’s largest rutabaga

We are also learning to make kombucha – above is the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) – aka kombucha baby. I know, not the most appetizing to look at but the whole process is pretty amazing. Jan has been using this scoby for three years.

Not everyone is happy to be in Martha’s Vineyard. This was Lulu in the car during our trip up looking quite traumatized. Guess we overestimated her usually adventurous spirit! She is also in heat which does’t help. She’s definitely a city girl.

Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary so I wanted to send some love to my amazing husband – even though we don’t get to spend it together (he’s on a business trip), I’m glad I can be in the place we got married, brings back all the wonderful memories! <3


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