by elizabethwiener on January 5, 2011

Happy 2011! Hope everyone is recovering from all the festivities. Here are a few photos from the snowstorm in NYC and New Years on MV (oo I rhymed…sorta).

I was thinking about new year’s resolutions and I think I’m going with Marie Forleo\’s approach this year to not have any.  This isn’t to say I’m not setting any goals, but there’s something about framing it as new year’s resolutions that creates added stress and I think this makes it easier to fail or not follow through (for testimony of this, poke your head into any gym around January 2nd to look around and then again around January 20th. Sad but true). So this year I’m trying to think more like this and focus on setting intentions instead of resolutions and making them all year long instead of just once. It’s not really so different from what I’ve been doing because after all, I’ve always been a crazy list-maker.  Here are a few of my intentions right now.

1. Chewing more. Sounds easy, but it actually takes practice. I wouldn’t say I’m a fast eater, but I could definitely eat slower. Check out this article for some of the many benefits of mastication (how many of you just read that sentence twice? 😉 )

2. Meditating. This one is always on the list. I’ve gotten pretty good about practicing during higher-stress periods, but then it seems to slide when things calm down again…and then stress creeps back up. Go figure.

3. Green juicing. Hoping the birthday fairy brings me a Vitamix this year so I can try out some of these recipes. It’s a great way to start out your day to give you lots of energy and get you glowing from the inside out. More deets here.

4. Not sweating the small stuff. Okay I know that’s a big and pretty general one. But I’ve learned it takes on even more importance when you are doing something like planning a wedding. There are loads of decisions to make and lots of personalities thrown into the mix, so it’s a good reminder to focus on the big picture and not get lost in the details.

Speaking of wedding, loving these luminarias 🙂

Via Martha Stewart’s Wedding Idea of the Day

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