Health Counseling

Choose from either individual or group health counseling, and create a package tailored to your specific needs.


Individual Health Counseling Program

One hour one-on-one counseling sessions including an initial evaluation to assess areas you’d like to work on or learn about. Together we will create a customized program for you that incorporates both short and long term goals. Counseling sessions can be purchased individually or as a package and are held weekly or bi-monthly. Both in person and phone counseling options are available. In addition, email support between sessions, recipes, food samples, and self-care products are offered.

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Group Counseling Program

It’s been shown that the success rate quadruples for an individual when the journey is shared with loved ones. The Group Counseling Program enables you and a small group of your choosing (family and friends) to work on improving healthy habits together, in a safe, supportive environment. Just like the individual counseling, the group program can be set up in weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

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