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by Dishing Well with Elizabeth Tigani on May 21, 2012

May Love List

(via DesignSponge)

It’s always been my dream to have a room like this. I love the concept of bringing travel home. Lot’s of good ideas, check them out here.


Green Garlic from the Union Square Greenmarket


Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail. Yes please!

(via Alkaline Sisters)

Poor celeriac. Sometimes called “the ugly ducking” of the vegetable world, it seems to get overlooked a lot. Here’s a simple (and beautiful!) recipe to let it shine.


An easy and concise list of home remedies to tack on your fridge during the allergy season.

(via When I Went Gluten Free)

This Tumblr by Gluten Free Blondie makes me happy. Hilarious.


Animals never cease to amaze me. Read here about these elephants who stood vigil for two days after their human friend and wildlife conservationist, Lawrence Anthony, passed away.


I love this just because.


Ten Fresh and Filling Vegan Dinner Ideas” – I would also add (short grain) brown rice risotto to the list! To keep it purely vegan you can sub vegetable for chicken stock and miso for parmesan.

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