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by Elizabeth on March 4, 2011

Here are a few of my favorite gluten and/or dairy-free snacks of late

Really good vegan butter substitute (Via Instant Vegan)

Ok, I know eating seaweed doesn’t usually come to mind to satisfy a salty snack craving, but try it, it’s really good! Also, very high in minerals and (not that we count!) low in calories 🙂

I finally got around to trying Udi’s and was very impressed! The texture is really good, and that’s usually the give-away when it comes to gluten-free bread, but this one had me fooled! I haven’t tried the others yet (whole grain etc.) but will report back once I do..Try with the Earth Balance spread…

These are a-flippin-mazing. Period. (via Veg News)

I picked this up at Organic Avenue this week-LOVE. Check out the complete list of products here. I’ve been eating for breakfast or as a snack.

Also from Organic Avenue, Raw Green Sun soup. Packed with nutrients, and really tasty.

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