Sippin’ On Gel and Juice

by Elizabeth on April 6, 2011

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Most people have heard about using aloe vera topically in skin creams or to help soothe sunburn…but did you know that aloe is amazing for your insides too?

I first learned about the wonder that is aloe when I was exploring different natural treatments for digestive ailments.  The plant is a natural alkalizer which can provide relief to the many tummy troubles that result from too much acidity in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties (which is why it’s great for burns and skin irritation). See here for a more extensive list of benefits.

You can buy aloe vera supplements in gel form, capsule, juice, or freeze dried powders, but I like to keep a plant right in my kitchen. They’re inexpensive and for all you cramped NYC apartment dwellers, they’re resilient (aka tough to kill.)  So no green thumb necessary 🙂

The gel itself is pretty bitter tasting, so you’re most likely not going to want to eat it on it’s own. I find that adding it to a smoothie or a juice works well so you have something sweet to neutralize the bitterness.

See this video for a quick demo on how to extract the good stuff from your aloe plant

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