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Einkorn and Finkle, Finkle and Einkorn

by Elizabeth April 10, 2012

“Bread Day”  So admittedly, today’s post, which comes on the heels of the famous NGI “Bread Day,” may seem like a  bit of a downer. It’s almost hard to believe that something so delicious and seemingly innocent as a bagel can wreak such havoc in some people’s bodies.  I’ve been gluten-free on and off the […]

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A Hangover Remedy

by Elizabeth February 22, 2012

Image from the New Yorker via We recently learned how to use kuzu (aka kudzu) to make a homemade remedy for, among other things, a hangover.  Kuzu is a sturdy, fibrous vine native to parts of Asia.  In the cooking world, kuzu is used as a thickening agent. It has no perceptible taste and dissolves […]

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Sippin’ On Gel and Juice

by Elizabeth April 6, 2011

(Photo via Most people have heard about using aloe vera topically in skin creams or to help soothe sunburn…but did you know that aloe is amazing for your insides too? I first learned about the wonder that is aloe when I was exploring different natural treatments for digestive ailments.  The plant is a natural […]

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Cooking with Oil

by Elizabeth February 28, 2011

I wanted to write about cooking oils because I think it’s a topic that doesn’t get enough love and it’s muy importante. Also, I found that a lot of the explanations I saw online and in books are pretty lengthy and science-y, so I wanted to break it down and lay out some of the basics. There […]

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The Food of the Gods

by Elizabeth February 14, 2011

History tells us that chocolate has always been a pretty big deal. Chocolate comes from the cacao tree. In 1753 the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus named the cacao tree “Theobroma cacao” or “Food of the Gods.” Much earlier than this, the Aztecs and Mayans placed such a high value on the beans that they used […]

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